Why do I need a Plug’r?

Chamber flags are required equipment at most competition shooting events, from 3-position small bore to pro series 3-gun. They are also required at many ranges so that Safety Officers can see that your gun is clear.

What makes Plug’r different from other chamber flags?

Most chamber flags slide into the barrel, which may be hot after shooting a stage or practice session. Plug’r is uniquely designed to seat into the chamber, but not the barrel so the shooter does not have to worry about melted plastic in the barrel or damage to an extractor.

How do I use a Plug’r?

Seat into the chamber with the flag hanging outward.

What is a Plug’r made of?

Each Plug’r is made of sturdy delrin plastic that has been machined smooth and sized for each firearm.

Why do Plug’rs have flags?

Every Plug’r features a 1-inch nylon webbing flag that can be easily seen at a distance by Safety Range Officers. Choose from a variety of flag colors, type fonts, and graphic add-ons to make your Plug’r unique.

How do I order a Plug’r?

You can order here — customize your caliber, style, color, and font to make your Plug’r your own! If you would like to request a quote for a bulk order featuring a logo or design, submit an inquiry here.