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Let everyone visually see that your firearm is unloaded and in a safe condition.


Years ago at USPSA Nationals an RSO pointed out that using a spent hull in a shotgun on the ready table violated the Rulebook. Plug’r was created to be a compliant chamber flag.

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Made of sturdy delrin plastic, each Plug’r is uniquely designed to seat into the chamber, but not the barrel so as not to expose the plastic to heat or damage an extractor.

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Every Plug’r features a 1-inch nylon webbing flag that can be customized. Choose from a variety of flag colors, type fonts, and graphic add-ons to make your Plug’r unique.

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PLUG’R Empty Chamber Indicators (ECI’s) BELONG EVERYWHERE


Many Rulebooks require chamber flags, particularly for long guns.

Training Classes

Firearms instructors appreciate safety-conscious students.

Range Practice

Plug’rs show everyone on the line that your firearm is clear.


Flag your firearm before placing it into a bag or case, so it is clear.

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The safest and coolest chamber flag on the market! I’ve been using it in competitions for the last 5 years and have had many compliments from range officers in regards to the ease at which they chamber in and out chamber for a safe range.

Rich Wolfe

Excellent craftsmanship and product! Excellent for all three types of firearms… a very must have product for every shooters in their guns!! 🖒🖒

Aaron Fraser

I highly recommend this product to everyone. This is very noticeable, words are aligned and centered, and the plug is solid. Wouldn’t think twice or go with any different flag. 5 Stars.

Scott Collins

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