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Chamber Flag for .22LR



Side 1 Personalization

Side 2 Personalization

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This plug’r is for .22 semi-autos or pistol caliber carbines and comes in two options: the Original and the 22P. The 22 original was designed for semi-auto 22lr pistols and rifles without placing anything into the bore. The 22P places only a short portion of the plug’r into the chamber for a more positive hold. Each are held in place by the bolt. Both options carry the same qualities as other plug’rs – resistant to breaking, can withstand high temperatures, and is durable.

Gun safety and safe handling is your responsibility. The Plug’r chamber safety flag is a visual indicator that the chamber is empty when used properly.

Terms of Service:
Firearm safety is your responsibility.
It is your responsibility to verify that the chamber is empty.
Treat every firearm with respect and never point a firearm at anyone.
Plug’rs are chamber flag indicators and are made for this purpose.
The print on flags can wear off with heavy use, improper use, and when placed in extreme heat, ie., dryer. If this happens within the first year please contact us.
If you would like to use our logo on a shirt, poster, or other media please contact us first for permission.

Additional information

Plug'r Caliber

.22LR Original, .22LR P

Flag Color

Berry, Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Maroon, Neon Green, Neon Yellow, Olive Drab Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red

Flag Design

2 sided

Type Font

No Text, Adobe Gothic Std, AR Cena, Arial Bold, Berlin Sans, Blackout, Britannic Bold, Cooper Black

Type Color

No Text, Black, Red, Silver Glitter, White


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